What must one possess if he/she wishes to become a futurist of the highest quality? Actually, there are a lot of different opinions coming from different people about this question. A lot of people who have shifted from one profession to the next profession, which is far from their previous one, are also intrigued of this question. Some futurists, well-renowned or not, may be flattered when they are ask of this question and are asked for further advice.

So, here are some tips for those who aspire to be futurists to be able to predict other people’s futures and know how to live longer.

There are a lot of tips a futurist with a lot of experience can suggest for those who are aspiring to be one of the best futurists in their area. But, the best would be those tips that are not well known to the public. A lot of futurists nowadays are far too busy congratulating themselves when they have found another person who completely agrees with their views and opinions. When such a thing happens they have a binding situation which is this so-called group-think one within one box.

Some futurists, on the other hand, will also be asking other futurists regarding the topic that they will be focusing when they predict one’s future. They may ask if their topic will be focusing on some current world issues most are facing such as military technology and construction. Would these futurists opt to start telling one’s future by starting off with what is to come in the future regarding fighting forces and the challenges and possibilities which may come along with them? If that is the case, surely, some would want to know about them and some futurists would surely have their own opinions about them. There are those who are very curious about the recent funding of these fighting forces. Some are very willing to talk about not only military technologies but also power generation, energy, water filtration, and construction.

Some even go their own way and would forward their newsletters for review and as add-on information to the current knowledge the person is asking has.

So again, as regards the question of becoming a credible and popular futurist, it actually involves a lot of marketing with the likes of doing interviews and writing papers, futurist technology books, and eBooks. In addition, social media in the form of social networking websites can also help an aspiring futurist gain popularity if use appropriately. Some examples of social media methods are as follows: email newsletters, tweets, blog posts, etc. Through this, a lot of new organizations will be established and will be able to branch out; branding of a futurist’s idea will also be possible.

For more info, visit http://www.ehow.com/video_4755759_what-futurism.html.


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