For as advanced as our technologies, knowledge, and practices are, there is an idea that suggests that we’ve only reached a small fraction of our true capacities and how to live longer. According to transhumanism, the human race has yet to achieve its optimal performance in all facets including psychological, intellectual, and physical capabilities. For some people, transhumanism is still a new concept, so there aren’t a lot of individuals who truly understand what it means to believe in the concept. If you want to learn more about transhumanism, read through this short list of everything you need to know about this futuristic concept or you may hire a futurist speaker at this link.

1. It Encompasses All Facets of Human Life – Under the transhumanism concept, it’s believed that people are destined to become a much better race, fully equipped with more skills and knowledge than we have now. Transhumanism covers all facets of human life, from medical, to psychological, and even physical. These days, transhumanism is alive in many of the developing technologies we have. for instance, stem cell therapy used to create clones and replacement body parts is the first step to endless potential under the concept.

2. Humans Aren’t a Super Race Yet – While many might think that the human race is the most advanced species on earth, we have yet to truly achieve our best potentials. That’s what transhumanism believes. Right now, the human race is just in its fetal stage, far away from what we can truly achieve. With time and effort, we can tap into greater abilities and capacities that we have yet to discover. Those who believe transhumanism say that we’ve already started the race to being a better species than we are now, and that it’s apparent in our technologies, our education, and our discoveries.

3. Everything Can Be Affected – According to transhumanism, it’s possible for humans to develop artificial intelligence systems that surpass our abilities and knowledge. In the future, it’s believed that robots will play a large role in our society, taking over a large number of menial jobs. But that’s not all transhumanists expect. They say that there might even come a time when humans are able to surpass humans in the way that they perform human actions. For instance, some believe that robots and artificial intelligence systems might be able to not only mimic our social interactions, but also surpass our capacity when it comes to socializing with others, turning them into the ultimate companions and perhaps even partners for people in the future.

Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ntr_Ku7vrI0 to find out more about transhumanism


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